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UPDATE: The book is up for sale on my webpage!

I’ve been busy working on my first photobook, ‘Yogiga’. I’m glad to say that it’s finally done!

It’s a 42 page book consisting of 24 photos taken in the past two to three years. A cheap affair, it’s a stapled pamphlet perfect for mass reproduction and dissemination. There are many photos inside that haven’t seen the light of day, as well as a few that you’re probably familiar with.

While you could consider ‘Yogiga’ my project, I’d say it’s more of an outgrowth of my life in Korea, a life that would be a lot poorer without the gallery.

How can you get one? Well, come to my exhibition Saturday, of course! I’ll have 20 or 30 with me. Also, I’m in the process of making it so you can order online. In the meantime, email me at devinjoness@gmail.com or comment here if you’d like a copy.

Here’s a quick look inside.


I’ve made some great friends and seen and done some amazing things at Yogiga. The book captures my experience and I hope that it piques your interest. I encourage you to come spend an evening at Yogiga sometime soon!


Five Colors


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I’ll be exhibited during a rock show this Saturday. It’s being organized by my friend Jung Yim, a video artist of considerable badassity. In addition to my images being projected, I’ll be selling photos and making emulsion transfer portraits. Here’s a sample from last time:


I’ve had the pleasure of seeing three of these bands perform before, and I have to say that this is going to be one hell of a show. I caught Love X Stereo at Yogiga before and can’t wait to see them again.



Members of The Rub and Slow Dress are personal friends of mine (yes, I actually have friends…amazing!) and both rock. 

If you’re photographically inclined, some fellow photographers and I are going to meet up in Hongdae before the show, shoot the breeze, take a picture or two, and most likely imbibe some of that fancy soju stuff. 

Oh, and before I forget, the show is in the place of places, Yogiga Expression Gallery. It’s near Hapjeong Station. Here’s the facebook link.

Busy Weekend!


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I have two photography shows coming up next weekend. I’ll be featured along with a lot of musicians and visual artists. Here are the details:


On Friday the twelfth Yogiga will host VOVO, a unique collaboration event featuring experimental films with “soundtracks” provided by some awesome musicians. I’ll be there with my Polaroid cameras making emulsion transfer portraits. They will be like the ones in my previous post, but with your beautiful face in them. Come find me at the show! I promise not to mash you up too badly. Well, unless you want me to.


The next day I will be at Powwow near Noksaepyeong Station. “Light” will be a photography themed concert. Again, lots of rockin’ music and my photos projected during the sets. There will be lots of other great photographers, as well as a few short films.

I will have prints on sale, three for 5,000 won. Let me know if you need directions or more details. Let’s rock!

A Sudden Inspiration


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How do I say this without being too hokey? I had a dream inspired vision… no. Something came to me in a dream… no. Okay… I couldn’t sleep the other night and in the twilight hours, half awake, I remembered something I did in high school art class. (Thanks Mr. Skrab!)

Also, I recalled that I had taken some abstract Polaroid pictures of light trails that I wasn’t entirely happy with. They needed something else besides a shaky camera and a bored photographer.

lighttransfer2 lighttransfer

Cue Polaroid transfers. I’m happy with the end result and hope to do more in the future. I’m not usually into abstraction, but these are great. The scans don’t do them justice, as they have a crystalline tactile quality that is like no other print I’ve made.

The image you should have in your head is of a kooky artist bent over his stove fondling gooey pieces of lukewarm paper. Let me help you with another detail. I was wearing only my underwear.

This is how things get created.

The Dark Side of Shooting Film…


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…is that, increasingly, you have to rely on morons. That or develop the stuff yourself. Not so easy to do with color in Korea. 


Here’s a shot from my China trip. Jing’s cousin.

ImageAnd a picture of the worst sandstorm I’ve ever seen.ImageAnd another of the Beijing Airport.

To ask “what’s wrong with this picture?” would be an exercise in masturbatory rhetorical inquiry. In short, they’re screwed. And these are important pictures too. There were some other family pictures that also got messed up during development.

The man at the lab assured me that the color would be very good. What he didn’t tell me was that at least two rolls would be pockmarked beyond rescue and that the rest would have his big, greasy fingerprints all over them. Get some gloves, scum. 

Not mentioning anyone in particular, but it’s not much better at the big-name labs. Incompetence with a dash of condescension. Slop-sauce all over my negatives. A land of swirling asses.

I could do it better if I had the equipment, but who has the equipment these days? And really, who cares? Film’s slow death gets uglier as less people shoot it and less revenue from development is generated. I’ll be stuck with black and white film for some time, but for color…

Who wants to buy me a DP-1?

And let’s end this rant on a positive note. Last post I forgot to mention a really cool photographer from Shanghai. Here he is!

China, Round Two


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It was on the cold, cluttered streets of Beijing that I cut my China-teeth for the first time. That was last year. A spectacular trip it was, and my 20+ rolls of film attest to my enthusiasm for the place as well as my desire to follow what was then my vision of street photography. For those of you who haven’t seen my old China photos, I’d point you in this direction.


Things have changed, albeit slightly. I feel less free, but more focused. The world in my head has shrunk a bit, as I’m feeling less adventurous. On the positive side, I feel that I’m now moving towards something. This applies mentally, professionally, and photographically.


But enough about vague inner-workings. The second time around I found my self bumming around Shanghai for the first leg of my trip. I took a jaunt to Hangzhou and a jaunt to Suzhou. I’m not bi-winning, I’m bi-jaunting (apologies for lack of freshness on that, but kudos if you know what I’m referring to). I met up with my good friend Nate and we rocked it in ways both excellent and revolting.


My girlfriend Jing and I then headed to Beijing for a day of sightseeing followed by a train ride to Hengshui to meet the family. We had a lovely time and I ate way too much once again. I’m still trying to lose the pounds I put on during those ten days of gluttony and sloppidation.


The pictures I took are of a different variety this time. Fewer, with more posed shots. This mirrors what I said earlier as well as my approach to China. I’m not shooting everything, but I’m arriving at a closer understanding of what I am shooting. At least I hope.


Anyhow, I could talk them to death, but instead I’ll just let you look at the photos.


ImageOh, and why are there so few? Where are the future in-laws? Stay tuned for a not-so-lucid explanation. My next post:”The Dark Side of Film Photography”. I said “side”, not “slide”. Nyuck nyuck.


Into the Mountains


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The weather finally stopped being a bore last Saturday and I was able to hike the small mountain near my home. Jing and Russell went with. 


It was exactly what the doctor ordered. It brought back memories from my early days in Korea when I hiked more. It did wonders for my state of mind. And it made me realize that I’m out of shape.


Most of all it was nice to share the day with friends. And take these pictures.




I haven’t posted in a long while. But I have good reasons. I went to China for vacation. It was a ton of fun, just like last time. I didn’t take as many pictures as last time, but still I managed to knock ten rolls off. They’re being developed now, and should be up on flickr/facebook in a week and a half. I shot some medium format on a Chinese TLR. Chinese camera in China. Cute, huh?

Also, I’ve decided to do more color photography. I shot China almost entirely in color. It will be a big shift in style for me, as I’m not so good at seeing in color. Well… okay,you know what I mean. It also irks me that I can’t develop color on my own, and have to pay one of the shoddy, overpriced labs to do it for me. Try as I might, I can’t find a place that sells color chemicals here in Korea. If you know of a place, please tell me!

I’ve also come up with a new project involving parks in Korea. I’ll be doing that for a while, as well as the usual pictures of friends and street shots. So stay tuned for that. 

I also plan to slow down a lot. To sit on my photos and wait a while before I post them. It’s a good idea, and it will help me get a better sense of my style of shooting, as I’ve been a bit scatter-brained lately. Also, I’ve got a lot of other important work that needs to be done for my future. But you don’t want to hear about that.

My friends Angelo and Whitney have left the country, back to the ole US of. I’m sad to see you guys go, though I’m sure some rad stuff awaits you. Happy trails!

Other than that, I’m still very much alive, though my flickr and blog may not show it. Thanks for following!

Personal Note: Neighbors


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I live in an “office-tel”, a studio apartment in an 18 story complex. I have a twenty-four hour convenience store downstairs as well as two half decent restaurants and an excellent cafe in the area. I want for nothing… except neighbors.

To be clear, I do have a neighbor. Is it a him, a her, or a them? I’ve never seen a single person come or go from that door, but I hear things, especially their shitter of a dog. Every damn day. The frothy little beast bothers me, but what bothers me even more is that in places like this apartment building you can’t really have neighbors. I do have friends in the area, but I usually only see them when I want to. I mean people who you see, deal with, and acknowledge based on proximity and a sense of shared space.


I could do with a little more human contact. It’s a pity to be so close and distant. And it’s not as if I could go out and knock on doors or arrive smiling with a jello pie. That kind of stuff just doesn’t fly here. I’d like to see people, not doors. I’d also like some space. And some nature. And maybe a dog. But not a shitter.

Then I realize I have a choice. I can move back home. In fact, I will move back home before the year’s out.


Recently I went to Deoksan Market with my friend Angelo. Deoksan is an entire neighborhood that’s been abandoned and zoned for demolition. Walking amongst the houses I found family photos, old clothes, withered gardens, smashed windows and broken doors. I also saw a lot of red spray paint with messages like “You’re going to die!”

While looking at the buildings I realized that the residents of Deoksan had a neighborhood, complete with communal balconies, shared gardens, and backyards with low fences. I also realized that, unlike me, they probably didn’t have many choices. Take a lump sum and get out or get harassed by corporate thugs and police in riot gear.


And what they’re putting in place of the neighborhood are more office-tels. More doors. I guess money talks, and sometimes forcefully. It’s a pity the neighborhood was destroyed, but I guess that’s just the way of things.

I hope the former residents of Deoksan find new homes.

And I shouldn’t complain so much. I should just take the choices available to me and make the best of them.