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East Asia and America are different, if you hadn’t heard. One of the differences is each place’s approach to kids. In China and Korea, adults are less protective of their children when it comes to strangers. Why? I could come up with a myriad of brociological explanations, but I’ll spare you for now.


The upside of this is that kids are more likely to harass you. Take this pair for instance. They called me fat. Then they screamed at me for a little while as I made faces at them. Or a while back at a Korean restaurant. A little boy couldn’t stop pretending to shoot me in the face. The kids are fearless and the parents don’t mind.


And I don’t either. Actually, I have a confession to make. I was overjoyed when my little cousins got to the age when they wanted to play Legos. Finally it was socially acceptable to do kid things again. That’s how I feel when the neighborhood kids start messing with me. I like to act like a child sometimes.


In fact, if you ask certain people, I’ve never stopped acting like a child.


I’m going to try something new with my blog. You can check out some of my favorite photos and photographers. I’ll be pulling from both famous photographers and flickr friends and updating weekly. Stay tuned!