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I’ll be leaving Korea mid-August. It’s going to be strange leaving the place that has been my home for nearly four years. I feel sad, having to leave friends and familiar places behind.


What will I miss? My friends, primarily. My students, though they would be leaving eventually anyhow. My excellent coworkers. Also, I’ll miss two places a lot: Yogiga and my local coffee shop, Cafe Olives.


Jing and I are going around, visiting all of the famous sites we have been too busy to see for the past few years. We went to Changdeokgung and I took some pictures with my old Chinese TLR. They make a nice set to play me out. Chances are the next blog post you’ll read here will be from Shanghai.


Shanghai sounds nice. They don’t have a large rubber ducky like Hong Kong though. But like me, the rubber ducky will move on from its temporary home eventually. Maybe it will travel up the coast and come to see me. If so, pehaps I should have a roman candle handy. Maybe my next blog post will be written from Chinese prison.