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UPDATE: The book is up for sale on my webpage!

I’ve been busy working on my first photobook, ‘Yogiga’. I’m glad to say that it’s finally done!

It’s a 42 page book consisting of 24 photos taken in the past two to three years. A cheap affair, it’s a stapled pamphlet perfect for mass reproduction and dissemination. There are many photos inside that haven’t seen the light of day, as well as a few that you’re probably familiar with.

While you could consider ‘Yogiga’ my project, I’d say it’s more of an outgrowth of my life in Korea, a life that would be a lot poorer without the gallery.

How can you get one? Well, come to my exhibition Saturday, of course! I’ll have 20 or 30 with me. Also, I’m in the process of making it so you can order online. In the meantime, email me at devinjoness@gmail.com or comment here if you’d like a copy.

Here’s a quick look inside.


I’ve made some great friends and seen and done some amazing things at Yogiga. The book captures my experience and I hope that it piques your interest. I encourage you to come spend an evening at Yogiga sometime soon!