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How do I say this without being too hokey? I had a dream inspired vision… no. Something came to me in a dream… no. Okay… I couldn’t sleep the other night and in the twilight hours, half awake, I remembered something I did in high school art class. (Thanks Mr. Skrab!)

Also, I recalled that I had taken some abstract Polaroid pictures of light trails that I wasn’t entirely happy with. They needed something else besides a shaky camera and a bored photographer.

lighttransfer2 lighttransfer

Cue Polaroid transfers. I’m happy with the end result and hope to do more in the future. I’m not usually into abstraction, but these are great. The scans don’t do them justice, as they have a crystalline tactile quality that is like no other print I’ve made.

The image you should have in your head is of a kooky artist bent over his stove fondling gooey pieces of lukewarm paper. Let me help you with another detail. I was wearing only my underwear.

This is how things get created.