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…is that, increasingly, you have to rely on morons. That or develop the stuff yourself. Not so easy to do with color in Korea. 


Here’s a shot from my China trip. Jing’s cousin.

ImageAnd a picture of the worst sandstorm I’ve ever seen.ImageAnd another of the Beijing Airport.

To ask “what’s wrong with this picture?” would be an exercise in masturbatory rhetorical inquiry. In short, they’re screwed. And these are important pictures too. There were some other family pictures that also got messed up during development.

The man at the lab assured me that the color would be very good. What he didn’t tell me was that at least two rolls would be pockmarked beyond rescue and that the rest would have his big, greasy fingerprints all over them. Get some gloves, scum. 

Not mentioning anyone in particular, but it’s not much better at the big-name labs. Incompetence with a dash of condescension. Slop-sauce all over my negatives. A land of swirling asses.

I could do it better if I had the equipment, but who has the equipment these days? And really, who cares? Film’s slow death gets uglier as less people shoot it and less revenue from development is generated. I’ll be stuck with black and white film for some time, but for color…

Who wants to buy me a DP-1?

And let’s end this rant on a positive note. Last post I forgot to mention a really cool photographer from Shanghai. Here he is!