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I guess it’s kind of funny. Looking outside, I see the snow drifting down. I’m sitting here in my sweater, jeans, and long underwear (just so you know) and realizing the last time I posted on here, it was a sweltering 90 degrees on most days. To say I miss summer would be a flat out lie. I hate the Korean summer in all ways, shapes, and forms. The winter’s not that much better though. My recent technological upgrade has been a pair of USB cord heated slippers. Not so good for photography, but it does wonders for my state of mind.

Anyhow, the weather has changed, as has much else. I stopped blogging like I knew I would. I guess I just don’t have the personality for it. Or the motivation. But here I am, after four months, back at it. I’m going to change the way I approach things. I’ll still post pictures, and maybe the off gear article, but, I’d also like to focus on that which inspires me. I’m talking about photographers, local and big names, and films. So instead of running only a half-assed photo blog, I’ll be commanding a woefully inadequate movie review site as well. HOORAY!

Other changes… My year is up. I did the Leica Year thing suggested by Mike Johnston at theonlinephotographer.com. For those of you interested, it was Bessa R2M, CV 35 1.4, and Neopan 400. I bent the rules a bit, as I refused to take only black and white photos of China. Who cares? Now that the year is over, I’ve sold ole Bess and am in the process of pawning off the lenses. Why? Cue the hecklers and butt-hurtulioids: My Leica year has taught me that 35mm rangefinders aren’t all that. They’re vastly overpriced (interchangeable lens ones, that is) and hold only nominal advantages over film SLRs. I’ll be buying an SLR as soon as I can find the one I want. I also picked up a massive 6×9 camera, the Mamiya Universal (yes, I just knocked rangefinders and now just revealed that I bought one… sue me). I’ll also be doing more digital. But you know what? Who cares?

In the future, gear won’t be my focus. Being a gear geek is inevitable, but dumb. When I meet other photographers, we almost always talk about cameras. It’s fun, I admit. But with my renewed blogging energy (who knows how long it will last), I’d like to focus more on where the pictures I take really come from. And that’s surely not discussions about how quiet Leica shutters are.