I took these with Agfa Vista 400, in my opinion the best of the cheap higher ISO color films (Superia always seems to have a sludge-vomit pink color cast… guess you get what you pay for). I developed them in D-76 (black and white developer) at 25 degrees Celsius for 12 minutes. I arrived at that time based on HP5 push-process developing times (I underexposed by two stops). I agitated every 15 seconds for the hell of it.

Enough with the mumbo-jumbo. They turned out pretty decent! They’re noticeably different from all the other black and white film I shot. Much more grey, which I don’t necessarily feel is a bad thing. Kind of reminds me of the black and white sequences in “Fallen Angels”. I’m going to do this a lot more in the future. Mess around, post my methods and results for those who are interested.

And hey, an added bonus is that color film costs less than half what black and white does. Also, if I ever need color, I’ll have it. It’s like digital, but not, at all.