Welcome/sorry! It’s going to be a mess until I get wrangle this beast of a program. Watch in amazement as I hogtie this rancid animal using only my shoddy tech skills. If I’m gored by it, well, I guess you won’t be seeing any more posts.

Here’s where I’ll post my thoughts and photos of life in the big city, whatever city that might be. All cities are big in one way or another. My hometown of 15,000 sells big hamburgers. I’ve eaten them.

I’ll start out with these ones, oldies but goodies. This was back before I joined the rangefinder club. The photos are taken with a Canon EOS Elan 7 (What the piss does Elan mean?) and the now deceased Fujifilm Klasse W. The W was my favorite camera for some time until alcohol and the pavement took my baby away. Drinking and cameras aren’t a wonderful combination.

Stay tuned. I’ve got a big backlog of photos that will be shared. They’ll come out gingerly in increments, maybe based around themes. If you’re going to prostitute yourself, do it right, I say!